Mountains and Rivers
are Speaking


Lars Schmidt ('Lobo') might be described as a sort of modern day drop out.
He is a nature lover. Some say he is a poet.
He grew up in a small village, spending most of his time outside.
Since then he has been wearing many hats.
He has worked as ice-cream vendor, truck driver, actor for film and television, kitchenhelp, barman, acting coach, director for theater, tango teacher, filmmaker, gardener, model, shepherds help, musician and singer, meditation instructor, doorman or photographer...
He has lived in luxury villas, run down squats, expensive hotels, and a couple of vans.
He knows the life of mountain shepherds as well as the bustling of metropoles like New York, Paris, Buenos Aires or Berlin.

In short: He has made the round enough to experience the absurdity of modern civilized life and at some point he had to leave.

He would like to give 'mountains and rivers' a voice.
First and foremost for their own sake.
But he says that he thinks, that the most important thing that can be learned in these times, can be learned from mountains and rivers.


Why I live the way I live

'Since there are reoccurring discussions and questions on ‘my way of living’ - which I find quite understandable, for it might differ quite a bit from usual ways of doing and looking at things - I would like to share a bit of an outline of why I live the way I live.

I will try to keep it simple and would have to say that this 'way' occurred naturally, emerging through lifes' challenges and inquiries. Thus, surely it might change form, however I would argue that its center will not change.

The points mentioned below, as well as the fact of not having the financial means to get and secure access to land in order to provide for some food and shelter, result in a sort of semi-nomadic lifestyle for now.

In general, I sense that as a human being I live and work not for myself, but as part of all what we call nature, thus I contribute to nature as a whole.

In other words, I am aware that every action I perform, influences and is influenced by everything.

Even simpler: I am in everything and everything is in me.

Concerning life in all its perceived diversity there is a sensation of kinship, paired with a sense of wonderment.

That's why I live the way I live.
And that's also one of the reasons why I had to leave conventional ways.
And yet surely I would not want to encourage any certain manner of living, other then to follow your heart.

Ultimately, I would like to express my sincere and deep gratitude for the support, help and openness I have met on the way. As I often mentioned, if you could meet each other...what a beautiful gathering it would be.'